Strategic Analysis and Planning

  • Performance Improvement Assessments
  • Automation and Information System Strategic Direction
  • High-level Plant-Wide Automation and Information System Architecture and Integration Planning

System Integration  and Contract Services

  • Technology investigations
  • Launch Support
  • Project Management & Scheduling
  • High level design, planning and preliminary scoping
  • Requirement specifications
  • Functional specifications
  • Design specifications
  • Bid preparation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Vendor proposal analysis
  • Design, implementation, integration, commissioning
  • Expert problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Vendor liaison and independent company representative

Steel Industry Specific Automation Services

  • DEC VAX and DEC/Compaq Alpha hardware and software expertise
  • VMS, VAXeln, DEC Fortran expertise
  • Real-time automation programming
  • Citect and Cicode expertise
  • Integrating Automation systems with Business and Information systems